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Pape’s Balanced Portfolio still performing

Published on 04-25-2022

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Some reweighting needed


No one seems interested in balanced portfolios these days. The reason is that bonds and bond funds, which comprise the fixed-income component of most balanced portfolios, are tumbling as interest rates rise. But there’s a way around this problem, and I’m applying it to the model balanced portfolio I created for my Income Investor newsletter back in 2011.

The portfolio had an initial valuation of $25,027.75. The goal was to achieve a return that at least matched the best available five-year GIC rate plus two percentage points. That means the target varies with the rise and fall of interest rates. Recently, the best five-year rate was 3.3% from CIBC, which would make our current target 5.3%.

Here’s a summary of the securities we currently hold and how they performed over the period since I last reviewed this portfolio in October. Prices are as of the close of trading on March 25.

GIC. We have $5,000 in a one-year GIC with Peoples Bank, paying 1.55% at maturity on April 23, 2022. When it matures, we will move the total proceeds to a new one-year GIC with EQ Bank paying 2.25%.

iShares Convertible Bond Index ETF (TSX: CVD). This ETF invests in a portfolio of convertible bonds. These can be exchanged for common shares in a company at a predetermined price, so they offer the potential of a capital gain along with regular bond interest. We added this fund a year ago at a price of $18.59. We saw a small gain in the first six months, but the fund was down $0.49 in the latest period. We received monthly distributions totaling $0.415 per unit.

iShares Core Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF (TSX: XBB). This fund tracks the performance of the broad Canadian bond market. It is currently a rough time for bonds, and with interest rates poised to rise much higher, it’s not going to get better. The units lost $2.86 (-9.1%) in the latest period, a big loss for a bond ETF. We received monthly distributions totalling $0.394 per unit.

Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (TSX: CAR.UN). This REIT invests in apartment units across Canada. We saw a pullback in the latest period, with the units losing $4.43. We received monthly distributions totaling just over $0.60 per unit.

Pembina Pipe Corp. (TSX: PPL: PBA). Pembina’s stock continues to rebound as oil prices rise. The shares gained $6.35 since the last review, and we received six monthly dividends of $0.21 each.

Brookfield Renewable Partners (TSX: BEP.UN). After a long downtrend, the units of this green energy partnership rallied strongly in the latest period, gaining $4.41 (9.8%). We received two quarterly distributions for a total of $0.6275.

Brookfield Infrastructure Limited Partnership (TSX: BIP.UN). This Brookfield partnership invests in infrastructure projects worldwide: railroads; ports; transmission lines; toll roads; etc. It continues to perform well, with the units advancing $9.58 (13.6%) in the latest six months. We received two quarterly distribution totalling $1.05.

BCE Inc. (TSX: BCE). We added Canada’s largest telecom company to the portfolio in the fall of 2020 at $56.20 per share. Since then, the stock is up $11.72 (20.9%). The quarterly dividend was recently raised again to $0.92 per share.

Bank of Montreal (TSX: BMO). The financial sector is benefiting from rising interest rates. BMO shares were up $18.25 (14%) in the latest six-month period. The bank raised its quarterly dividend by 25.5% to $1.33, effective with the January payment. 

Fortis Inc. (TSX: FTS). We added this St. John’s-based utility a year ago, at $55.37 per share. It’s now at $60.33, for a gain of $4.96 (9%). We received two dividends of $0.535 each.

Cash. We invested $3,329.87 in a high interest savings account with Motive Financial that was paying 1.25% at the time. We earned interest of $20.81 for the period.

Here’s how the portfolio stands now. Commissions have not been factored in.


Bonds continued to struggle in a bear market, and we experienced a setback in our REIT. But the rest of our stocks performed well, with especially strong gains from PPL, BMO, and BIP.UN. Overall, we gained 5.7% in the latest six-month period.

The cumulative gain since inception 10 1/2 years ago is 127.3%. That works out to an average annual compound growth rate of 8.13%. That’s well above target.

Changes: Bonds continue to be rocked by rising rates, and with inflation continuing strong I don’t see that scenario changing any time soon. The main concern is XBB, which I have recommended for years, and which has a 9.6% weighting. It’s down 7.44% year-to-date at the time of writing, and there’s more potential losses to come.

To protect our asset base, we will sell our entire position in XBB for a total of $7,760.48, including retained earnings. We will put that money into a one-year GIC with EQ Bank paying 2.25%. It will mature on March 25, 2023.

When the current GIC with Peoples Bank matures on April 23, the proceeds will be moved to a new one-year GIC, also with EQ Bank. In this way, most of our fixed-income assets will be protected from losses in this rising rate environment.

We will also buy 10 units of CVD for a total of $179.50. That will give us a total of 240 units and reduce retained income to $13.70. CVD has held up better that most fixed-income funds, losing only 1.48% year-to-date.

We now have a cash balance, including retained earnings, of $3,823.53. We’ll move this money to EQ Bank where it will earn 1.25% in a high-interest savings account.

Here is the revised portfolio. I will review it again in my Income Investor newsletter in September.

Gordon Pape is one of Canada’s best-known personal finance commentators and investment experts. He is the publisher of The Internet Wealth Builder and The Income Investor newsletters, which are available through the Building Wealth website.

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