Market week: Stocks make monthly gains

Market week: Stocks make monthly gains

Investors give thanks for fresh record highs

In shortened trading week marked by lower volumes on the big U.S. exchanges, the major North American stock indices posted both weekly and monthly advances, posting new record highs in the week, as investors overcame trade-related anxieties and focused on strong initial Black Friday sales reports.

The on-again-off-again U.S.-China trade negotiations for the so-called Phase 1 deal seemed to be off again as U.S. President signed legislation that supports the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. Unhappy with the move, China’s government summoned the U.S. ambassador to express its displeasure. However, this had little effect on markets, which in the U.S. were closed on Thursday and opened for only half a day on Friday. Low trading volumes, typical through the U.S. Thanksgiving week, attested to the markets’ having largely discounted the U.S.-China trade shenanigans, with an expectation that a deal will be signed before a new round of U.S. tariffs takes effect on Dec. 15.

Perhaps of greater interest to traders, at least last week, was the reported 2.1% annual growth rate for U.S. gross domestic product in the July-August quarter, which outpaced the U.S. Commerce Department’s forecast for a 1.9% expansion. Together with the Federal Reserve Board’s newfound dovishness on monetary policy, that was enough to boost investor sentiment and drive the major stock indices into fresh record high territory through the week.

The S&P 500 Composite Index closed Friday with a 1.0% gain overall on the week, for a 3.4% advance in the month. The Nasdaq Composite Index gained 1.7% on the week, and advanced 4.5% for the month. Toronto’s benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index also marked a record-high close of 17,114.52 on Thursday, for a weekly advance of 0.5%, led by the materials group, and 3.4% for November overall. Gold remained flat on the week, while crude oil dropped 4.2%, edging ahead just 0.7% on the month.


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