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Olev Edur

Olev Edur

Olev Edur is a veteran business and finance reporter with more than 25 years of experience in the field. His material has been regularly featured in many well-known publications such as Advisor’s Edge, Canadian Business, Canadian Living, CMA Management Magazine, The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, R.O.B. Magazine, Good Times Magazine, and Investment Executive. Olev has also contributed to numerous trade/regional publications and websites.

Over the course of his career, Olev has also written for BMO Bank of Montreal, Beutel Goodman & Co, Dynamic Funds, FirstLine Trust, Fundata Canada, Investors Group, Kerr Financial Corp, KPMG, National Trust, Royal Bank Financial Group, TE Wealth, Towers Perrin, Trimark Investment Management and more.

Prior to becoming a freelancer, Olev was employed for 10 years in progressively more senior editorial positions within the business press division of Maclean Hunter Ltd. and worked briefly in corporate marketing and public relations.

Olev is a regular contributor to The Fund Library where he specializes in in-depth interviews with Canada’s leading investment fund managers


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