Jumana Saleheen

Jumana Saleheen

Jumana Saleheen, Ph.D., is head of the Investment Strategy Group, Europe, and chief European economist at The Vanguard Group, Inc. She leads a team in London that conducts research on economics, capital markets, and related investment topics. Her areas of expertise include monetary policy, international macroeconomics, and macroeconomics forecasting.

The Investment Strategy Group conducts research on economies and markets, investor behavior, and retirement issues. It is responsible for the firm’s portfolio construction and investment advice methodologies. The group also oversees Vanguard’s investment models, including the Vanguard Capital Markets Model, a proprietary forecasting tool that underpins the firm’s economic and capital markets outlook.

Before joining Vanguard in 2022, Jumana was chief economist at commodity consulting firm CRU Group. She also held several senior roles at the Bank of England, where most of her career was in the Monetary Stability Directorate and she later was head of division in the Financial Stability Directorate.

Jumana is a frequent keynote speaker and has published in leading academic journals including Economica and the Journal of International Economics.

Jumana earned a Ph.D. in economics from University College London and a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the London School of Economics.