Todd Schlanger

Todd Schlanger

Todd Schlanger, CFA, is a senior investment strategist in Vanguard’s Investment Strategy Group (ISG) based in Toronto, Canada, where his responsibilities include research on the capital markets, portfolio construction and design, and investment market commentary. He has co-authored research covering a broad range of topics, including multi-asset investing, active and passive management, global diversification and home bias, currency hedging, emerging market bonds, stock market volatility, nonprofit portfolio management, target-date funds and Vanguard’s Advisor Alpha framework. In addition to his research responsibilities, Mr. Schlanger is an ambassador for Vanguard and represents the firm and its views at conferences and in the financial press.

Before relocating to Vanguard’s Canadian office in 2016, Mr. Schlanger worked as an investment strategist based out of Vanguard’s London office for three years and before that was a member of the U.S. ISG team for two years. Prior to joining ISG, he spent five years in the Institutional Investor Group, most recently as a member of Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services®.

He earned a BS in business administration from The University of Scranton and is a CFA® charterholder.