Knowledge Bureau

Knowledge Bureau

Founded in 2003 by award-winning financial educator and best-selling author, Evelyn Jacks, Knowledge Bureau™ is a widely respected financial education institute and publisher which has welcomed thousands of students from the various financial services to its online and in-class programs.

Knowledge Bureau’s mission is to raise standards of service by focusing on the evolving knowledge and skills required by professionals to manage their client’s wealth with tax efficiency. It provides competency-based training leading to a variety of credentials: certification, diplomas and designations. Proficiency in personal, corporate, trust, business, strategic giving and estate planning are amongst the areas of specialization available. Our designates are re-licensed annually based on meeting requirements for continuing education and adhere to professional Standards of Conduct.

Knowledge Bureau is recognized by the CRA and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Tuition fees are tax deductible if over $100.

Professionals may also choose Knowledge Bureau to attain ongoing CE/CPD Credits, train staff or advance professional careers by demonstrating new skills in seven specialized fields. This includes the MFA™ (Master Financial Advisor) Designations, the MFA-P™ Philanthropy Designation, the Distinguished Financial Advisor™ Designations and the RWM™ (Real Wealth Manager) Designation.