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X Fund Name FundGrade Type RRSP MER Class Load Assets ($M) Performance
Maple Leaf Income Class - Series A   CDBYes7.06RegFE/DSC-- See Performance Chart
Guardian Equity Income Fund Series W   EDBYes1.87RegFE1.68 See Performance Chart
First Asset Canadian Dividend Opportunity Fund F   EDBYes1.38RegNL2.33 See Performance Chart
GWL Dividend (G)75/75 (PS1)   CDBYes2.13SegFE584.65 See Performance Chart
GWL Dividend (M)75/75 (PS1)   CDBYes2.33SegFE62.92 See Performance Chart
GWL Dividend (G)75/100 (PS1)   CDBYes2.37SegFE584.65 See Performance Chart
GWL Dividend (M)75/100 (PS1)   CDBYes2.55SegFE62.92 See Performance Chart
GWL Dividend (G)100/100 (PS1)   CDBYes2.68SegFE584.65 See Performance Chart
GWL Dividend (M)100/100 (PS1)   CDBYes2.87SegFE62.92 See Performance Chart
LON Dividend (G) 75/75 (PS1)   DDBYes2.18SegFE2,166.01 See Performance Chart
LON Dividend (M) 75/75 (PS1)   CDBYes2.35SegFE353.23 See Performance Chart
LON Dividend (G) 75/100 (PS1)   DDBYes2.41SegFE2,166.01 See Performance Chart
LON Dividend (M) 75/100 (PS1)   CDBYes2.57SegFE353.23 See Performance Chart
LON Dividend (G) 100/100 (PS1)   DDBYes2.74SegFE2,166.01 See Performance Chart
LON Dividend (M) 100/100 (PS1)   CDBYes2.91SegFE353.23 See Performance Chart
CAN Dividend (GWLIM) 75/75 (PS1)   EDBYes2.14SegFE75.06 See Performance Chart
CAN Enhanced Div (LK) 75/75 (PS1)   DBYes2.15SegFE1,201.09 See Performance Chart
CAN Dividend (GWLIM) 75/100 (PS1)   EDBYes2.35SegFE75.06 See Performance Chart
CAN Enhanced Div (LK) 75/100 (PS1)   DBYes2.37SegFE1,201.09 See Performance Chart
CAN Dividend (GWLIM) 100/100 (PS1)   EDBYes2.68SegFE75.06 See Performance Chart
CAN Enhanced Div (LK) 100/100 (PS1)   BDBYes2.70SegFE1,201.09 See Performance Chart
Scotia Canadian Dividend Class Series A   BDBNo--RegNL-- See Performance Chart
BMO Dividend Fund Advisor Series   BDBYes1.82RegFE/DSC226.97 See Performance Chart
BMO Dividend Fund Series T5   BDBYes1.82RegFE/DSC6.50 See Performance Chart
CC&L Equity Income and Growth Fund Series A   CDBYes2.26RegFE15.80 See Performance Chart
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FundGradeTypeRRSPMERClassLoadAssets ($M)Performance

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