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By Dave Paterson | Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick – how did your portfolio perform last year? Is that good or bad? While it might be great to see that your portfolio gained 20%, how do you know if that is really what it should have been? The answer is to measure your portfolio against an appropriate benchmark.


By Wilfred Hahn | Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Despite powerful new initiatives by policymakers and central banks, the world’s economy remains riven by problems and a continuing slow expansion. Even in an era where there are more central banks than ever before; which as a group are more unified in their theories than ever, the fruits of their interventions have been more disappointing than ever before. If central banks and the world’s leading policymakers are in a state of befuddlement, lost in unfamiliar terrain with an old map and a broken compass, then what are investors, savers, and money managers to conclude? Maybe it’s time to sight in a new compass.


By Patrick McKeough | Monday, July 21, 2014


Value investing’s good reputation owes a great deal to Warren Buffett, but he and other successful investors owe their success to much more than just one relatively narrow approach to the market. Last time, I pointed out that learning what not to do can be the hardest and costliest part of an investor’s education. I focused on how this applies to technical analysis – the practice of trying to base investment decisions on past trading and market history. I want to expand on what I said, since the idea applies to a wide range of narrow approaches to investing, including the almost sacrosanct principle of value investing.


By Robyn K. Thompson | Saturday, July 19, 2014

Q – We have a young family, and we’ve recently been shopping for life insurance. The salesman we spoke with suggested we look at something called universal life insurance, which he said had a long-term investment aspect to it. But I didn’t think life insurance was a good investment. Can you explain? – Frank T., Ajax, Ontario


By Fund Library News Wire | Friday, July 18, 2014

A rally on Friday retraced losses suffered in the major North American markets earlier in the week after Ukraine accused Russian-backed separatist militia in Eastern Ukraine of shooting down a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet with a Russian-supplied surface-to-air missile battery. But bargain hunters stampeded back into stocks on Friday, as shares of Google Inc., the world’s third-largest company, surged 4.2% on Friday after the company reported revenue that topped street estimates.


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