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X Fund Name FundGrade Type RRSP MER Class Load Assets ($M) Performance
BlackRock All Bond Portfolio Series A   CCanadian Fixed IncomeYes--RegFE/DSC766.52 See Performance Chart
BlackRock Balanced Portfolio Series A   CCanadian Neutral BalancedYes--RegFE/DSC18,671.24 See Performance Chart
BlackRock Conservative Portfolio Series A   CCanadian Neutral BalancedYes--RegFE/DSC8,300.21 See Performance Chart
BlackRock Defensive Portfolio Series A   CCanadian Fixed Income BalancedYes--RegFE/DSC10,918.17 See Performance Chart
BlackRock Diversified Monthly Income Portfolio A   CCanadian Fixed Income BalancedYes--RegFE/DSC2,470.51 See Performance Chart
BlackRock Growth Portfolio Series A   BGlobal Equity BalancedYes--RegFE/DSC9,824.07 See Performance Chart
BlackRock MaxGrowth Portfolio Series A   CGlobal EquityYes--RegFE/DSC3,015.39 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active Canadian Dividend ETF (DXC)   n/aCanadian Dividend & Income EquityYes0.75OtherNL8.83 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active Crossover Bond ETF (DXO)   n/aHigh Yield Fixed IncomeYes0.58OtherNL8.22 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active Global Dividend ETF (DXG)   n/aGlobal EquityYes0.85OtherNL19.35 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active Global Finan Serv ETF (DXF)   n/aFinancial Services EquityYes0.75OtherNL5.43 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active Preferred Shares ETF (DXP)   n/aPreferred Share Fixed IncomeYes0.58OtherNL327.87 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active Tactical Bond ETF (DXB)   n/aGlobal Fixed IncomeYes0.50OtherNL11.16 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active U.S. Dividend ETF (DXU)   n/aU.S. EquityYes0.80OtherNL18.43 See Performance Chart
Dynamic iShares Active U.S. Mid-Cap ETF (DXZ)   n/aU.S. Small/Mid Cap EquityYes0.75OtherNL5.07 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF (XCB)   Canadian Fixed IncomeYes0.40OtherNL1,787.95 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Government Bond Index ETF (XGB)   CCanadian Fixed IncomeYes0.35OtherNL439.85 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Growth Index ETF (XCG)   DCanadian EquityYes0.50OtherNL49.73 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian HYBrid Corp Bond Index ETF (XHB)   CHigh Yield Fixed IncomeYes0.45OtherNL531.20 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Real Return Bond Index ETF (XRB)   BCanadian Inflation Protected Fixed IncomeYes0.35OtherNL423.43 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF (XDV)   CCanadian Dividend & Income EquityYes0.50OtherNL1,497.50 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF (XSB)   BCanadian Short Term Fixed IncomeYes0.25OtherNL1,981.38 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF (XBB)   BCanadian Fixed IncomeYes0.30OtherNL2,272.02 See Performance Chart
iShares Canadian Value Index ETF (XCV)   CCanadian Dividend & Income EquityYes0.50OtherNL75.04 See Performance Chart
iShares China Index ETF (XCH)   EGreater China EquityYes0.85OtherNL37.30 See Performance Chart
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FundGradeTypeRRSPMERClassLoadAssets ($M)Performance

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