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    Scott Newman, Vice President and Global Investment Strategies Team Lead at Invesco Canada, on the power of dividend growth. more…

FundGrade A+™ Rating ranks the best of the best

The FundGrade A+ Rating identifies funds with not only the best risk-adjusted returns but also those demonstrating the highest level of consistency. The FundGrade A+ Rating is awarded annually to funds that achieve consistently high FundGrade scores through an entire calendar year.

The FundGrade A+ Rating is a totally objective, transparent, score-based calculation using a grade point average that ranks funds to determine the annual “best-of-the-best” ratings. As such, the FundGrade A+ Rating provides investors, advisors, and fund managers with a single, reliable, easy-to understand fund-performance rating based on an entire calendar year. Click here for more information.

Fundata is pleased to announce the winners for the 2011 calendar year:

Click here for the current winners.

AEGON Fund Management Inc.
AEGON Fund Management imaxx Canadian Bond Fund
AEGON Fund Management imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund
AEGON Fund Management imaxx TOP Income Portfolio
imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay GIF
imaxx TOP Aggressive Growth GIP
imaxx TOP Income GIP
AGF Investments Inc.
AGF Emerging Markets Fund
AGF Monthly High Income Fund
Aston Hill Asset Management Inc.
Aston Hill Growth & Income Fund
Beutel Goodman Investment Counsel
iShares DEX All Corporate Bond Index Fund
iShares DEX Long Term Bond Index Fund
iShares DEX Real Return Bond Index Fund
iShares DEX Short Term Bond Index Fund
iShares Diversified Monthly Income Fund
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index Fund
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index Fund
BMO Financial Group
BMO European Fund
BMO Guardian Asian Growth & Income Fund
BMO Guardian Global Diversified Fund
BMO Guardian Income Solution
BMO Guardian Monthly Dividend Fund Ltd.
BMO SelectClass Aggressive Growth Portfolio
CI Investments Inc.
CI Can-Am Small Cap Corporate Class
CI Portfolio Series Income Fund
CI Signature High Income Corporate Class
CI Signature High Income Fund
CI Signature High Income Segregated Fund
Lakeview Disciplined Leadership High Income Fund
Sun Life Sunfund
SunWise Elite CI Cambridge Canadian Corporate
SunWise Elite CI Signature High Income Fund
SunWise Elite Dynamic Power American Growth
SunWise Elite Mac Cundill Canadian Security Fund
SunWise Portfolio Series Income Fund
United Canadian Equity Alpha Corporate Class
United Enhanced Income Corporate Class
United Enhanced Income Pool Class
CIBC Asset Management
CIBC Growth Portfolio
CIBC Nasdaq Index Fund
Compass Portfolio Series
Compass Balanced Growth Portfolio
Compass Balanced Portfolio
Compass Conservative Balanced Portfolio
Compass Conservative Portfolio
Compass Growth Portfolio
Compass Maximum Growth Portfolio
Counsel Portfolio Services Inc.
Counsel International Growth
Creststreet Asset Management Limited
Creststreet Energy Opportunities Fund
Desjardins Financial Security
Desjardins Emerging Markets Fund
Desjardins Enhanced Bond Fund
Desjardins Quebec Balanced Fund
DFS GIF - Global High Income
Dimensional Fund Advisors
DFA Canadian Core Equity Fund
Dynamic Mutual Funds
DMP Power Global Growth Class
Dynamic Advantage Bond Class
Dynamic Advantage Bond Fund
Dynamic Dividend Income Class
Dynamic Dividend Income Fund
Dynamic Far East Value Fund
Dynamic Focus+ Resource Fund
Dynamic Global Infrastructure Fund
Dynamic Power American Currency Neutral Fund
Dynamic Power American Growth Class
Dynamic Power American Growth Fund
Dynamic Power Global Growth Class
Dynamic Power Global Navigator Class
Dynamic Strategic All Income Portfolio
Dynamic Strategic Yield Fund
DynamicEdge Equity Class Portfolio
DynamicEdge Equity Portfolio
Marquis Balanced Income Portfolio
Marquis Equity Portfolio
EdgePoint Wealth Management
EdgePoint Canadian Portfolio
Educators Financial Group
Educators Mortgage & Income Fund
Empire Life Insurance Company
Empire Income Fund
FI Capital
Bodnar Canadian Equity Fund
Bodnar Fixed Income Fund
Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund
Fidelity Dividend Plus Fund
Fidelity Far East Fund
Fidelity Global Balanced Class
Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio
Fidelity Greater Canada Fund
Fidelity Growth Portfolio
Fidelity Income Allocation Fund
Fidelity Monthly Income Fund
Franklin Templeton Investments
Bissett All Canadian Focus Corporate Class
Bissett All Canadian Focus Fund
Bissett Energy Corporate Class
Bissett Microcap Fund
Quotential Canadian Growth Corporate Class Portfolio
Quotential Canadian Growth Portfolio
Quotential Diversified Income Corporate Class Portfolio
Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio
Quotential Maximum Growth Corporate Class Portfolio
Galileo Funds
Galileo High Income Plus Fund
IA Clarington Investments
IA Clarington Canadian Conservative Equity GIF
IA Clarington Tactical Income Fund
Industrial Alliance
IA Ecflx Asian Pacific (Dynamic)
IA Ecflx Canadian Equity (Leon Frazer)
IA Ecflx Emerging Markets (Mac Cundill)
IA Ecoflex Diversified Income
IA Ecoflex Real Estate Income
IA Ecoflex U.S. DAQ Index
IA Multi-Strategy
IAP Ecxtra Tactical Income (Aston Hill)
Integra Capital Management Corp.
Integra U.S. Value Growth Fund
Invesco Canada Ltd.
Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio
Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio
Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio
Trimark Canadian Plus Dividend Class
Trimark Diversified Yield Class
Trimark U.S. Small Companies Class
Investors Group
Investors Canadian Equity Income Fund
Investors International Small Cap Class
Les Fonds d'investissement FMOQ
FMOQ Monthly Income Fund
London Life
London Life 2015 Profile Fund
London Life 2020 Profile Fund
London Life Advanced Profile Fund
London Life Aggressive Profile Fund
London Life Ethics Fund (GWLIM)
London Life Income Fund (MF)
London Life Precious Metals Fund (Mackenzie)
Mackenzie Group of Funds
Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Security Class
Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Security Fund
Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Security Segregated Fund
Mackenzie Cundill Emerging Markets Value Class
Mackenzie Ivy Enterprise Fund
Mackenzie Saxon Microcap Fund Investor Series
Mackenzie Sentinel Bond Guaranteed Investment Fund
Mackenzie Sentinel Corporate Bond Fund
Mackenzie Sentinel Diversified Income Fund
Mackenzie Sentinel Income Segregated Fund
Mackenzie Sentinel Registered Strategic Income Fund
Mackenzie Sentinel Short-Term Income Fund
Mackenzie Universal Technology Class
Manulife Financial
Manulife Canadian Bond Plus Fund
Manulife Corporate Bond Fund
Manulife Diversified Income Portfolio
Manulife GIF Canadian Investment
Manulife GIF CAP Diversified Investment
Manulife GIF Fidelity Monthly Income
Manulife GIF Renaissance Global Markets
Manulife GIF Select Global Small Cap
Manulife GIF World Investment
Manulife Simplicity Income Portfolio
Manulife Simplicity Income Portfolio
Manulife World Investment Class
Maritime Life Corporate Bond Segregated Fund
Mawer Investment Management Ltd
Mawer Canadian Balanced Retirement Savings Class
Mawer Canadian Diversified Investment Fund
Mawer Canadian Equity Fund
Mawer Global Small Cap Fund
Mawer World Investment Fund
Middlefield Group of Funds
Middlefield Income Plus Class
National Bank Mutual Funds
Meritage Balanced Income Portfolio
Meritage Conservative Income Portfolio
Meritage Equity Portfolio
Meritage Growth Income Portfolio
Meritage Moderate Income Portfolio
Omega Consensus International Equity Fund
Norrep Funds
Norrep Income Growth Class
Northwest Ethical Funds
Northwest Canadian Equity Corporate Class
Northwest Canadian Equity Fund
Pembroke Private Wealth Management Inc.
GBC American Growth Fund
GBC Canadian Bond Fund
GBC Growth and Income Fund
GBC International Growth Fund
Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management
PH&N High Yield Bond Fund
Pro-Financial Asset Management
Pro FTSE RAFI Hong Kong China Index Fund
RBC Global Asset Management Inc.
RBC Canadian Equity Income Fund
RBC Global Corporate Bond Fund
RBC North American Value Fund
RBC O'Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity Fund
RBC O'Shaughnessy U.S. Value Fund
RBC Life Insurance Company
RBC Canadian Short-Term Income GIF
RBC Global Bond GIF
RBC O'Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity GIF
RBC O'Shaughnessy U.S. Value GIF
Redwood Asset Management Inc.
Redwood Global Small Cap Fund
Renaissance Investments
Renaissance Global Markets Fund
Renaissance Optimal Income Portfolio
Scotia Mutual Funds
Scotia Nasdaq Index Fund
Sentry Investments Inc.
Sentry Canadian Income Class
Sentry Canadian Income Fund
Sentry Diversified Total Return Fund
Sentry Energy Growth and Income Fund
Sentry Growth & Income Fund
Sentry Infrastructure Fund
Sentry Precious Metals Growth Fund
Sentry Small Mid Cap Income Fund
SSQ Funds
Astra International Equity - Carnegie
Batirente Canadian Equity - MULTI
Batirente North American Small Cap Equity Fund
Steadyhand Investment Funds
Steadyhand Income Fund
TD Asset Management Inc.
TD Canadian Bond GIF
TD Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund
TD Canadian Equity Fund
TD Entertainment & Communications Fund
TD Entertainment & Communications GIF
TD Health Sciences Fund
TD Health Sciences GIF
TD NASDAQ Index Fund
TD U.S. Small-Cap Equity Fund
The Canada Life Assurance Company
Canada Life Aggressive Allocation Gens
Canada Life Canadian Equity Fund (Bissett) Gens
Canada Life Enhanced Dividend Fund (Laketon)
The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada
Equitable Life Dynamic Power Global Growth Fund
Equitable Life Mac Universal US Emerging Growth
Equitable Life Quotential Maximum Growth Portfolio
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Great-West Life American Growth Fund
Great-West Life Canadian Equity Fund
Great-West Life International Opportunity Fund
Great-West Life Japan Equity Fund
Transamerica Life Canada
Transamerica Canadian Bond 5FL GIF
Transamerica Canadian Short-Term Bond Fund
Transamerica Fidelity Canadian Balanced 5FL GIF
Transamerica GROWSafe3 Can-US 21st Century Index GIF
Transamerica GROWSafe3 Can-US Large Cap Index GIF
Transamerica imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay Fund
Transamerica imaxx Canadian Fixed Pay GIF
Transamerica IMS Canadian Financial Services Fund
Transamerica IMS Canadian Small Cap Fund
Transamerica TD Income Advantage 5FL GIF
Transamerica TOP Canadian Balanced 5FL GIP
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