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Horizons launches new global ETF
4/19/2019 7:04:15 PM
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By Fund Library News Wire  | Monday, August 31, 2015



* Horizons global ETF to be managed by Forstrong Global.
* Horizons announces fund management changes.

* Horizons global ETF to be managed by Forstrong Global. Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. and its affiliate, AlphaPro Management Inc., launched the Horizons Managed Global Opportunities ETF (TSX: HGM). Currently with $10 million in assets under management, it is a globally-focused, actively-managed exchange traded fund, sub-advised by Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc., which was recently rebranded from Hahn Investment Stewards & Company Inc.

The fund aims to use flexible tactical asset allocation among multiple global asset classes to seek long-term growth and downside risk protection. It will invest primarily in exchange traded products listed on North American stock exchanges and may have exposure to equity, fixed-income, global currencies, or gold.

In a release, Horizons says that many Canadian investor portfolios typically have more than 50% of their assets invested in domestic equities. Howard Atkinson, President of Horizons ETFs, said, “The potential benefits of HGM are that it adds to the global diversification of one's portfolio, and offers a risk-based approach to managing asset allocation.”

While Forstrong Global has been managing portfolios of ETFs for more than a decade now, this will be its first Canadian ETF.

Tyler Mordy, President and Chief Investment Officer of Forstrong Global, said, “Through our first active ETF in Canada, we hope that investors can broaden the assets in their portfolio and open themselves up to the greater opportunities globally.”

Forstrong Global applies a three-tier investment process to managing HGM’s assets that includes pairing a long-term macroeconomic view of global trends with a short-term analysis of significant global market events, assessing the impact of these events and selecting asset types and corresponding ETFs, and using hedged and unhedged currency exposures to mitigate risk.

In choosing the sub-advisor for the ETF, Mr. Atkinson said, “Forstrong Global has the longest track-record in the world managing ETF-only portfolios and has built a stellar reputation both within and outside Canada.”

* Horizons announces fund management changes. Horizons ETFs Management announced on Aug. 14 that effective immediately, technical analysts Don Vialoux and Jon Vialoux, are no longer affiliated with the Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF (TSX: HAC), which has $123 million in assets under management. Horizons gave no reason for the departure of the father-and-son team, who had been working with Horizons fund since 2009. Brooke Thackray, who has also been affiliated with the ETF since its inception in November of 2009, continues as lead analyst to identify and capitalize on seasonal patterns.

Horizons says there are no changes to either the investment objective or portfolio strategy of HAC and adds that it does not anticipate any change in how the portfolio decisions for HAC are determined.

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