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Gordon Pape writes on common-sense wealth-building strategies.

By Gordon Pape  | Friday, December 28, 2018

Q – In a recent tax tip article in the paper, it advised to withdraw funds from a TFSA in December and then add them back to the next year’s contribution limit. It didn’t explain why this would be beneficial. Is it? If so please explain. – Barry D., Duncan, BC

A – The only tax advantage I can think of is a situation where you need some cash in December (Christmas bills and all) and you don’t want to receive it from a taxable source, such as a RRIF, RRSP, or, if you’re a business owner, salary or dividends. A TFSA withdrawal provides the cash you need at the time on a tax-free basis. The withdrawal amount will then be added to your contribution room in the New Year. – G.P.

Converting RRSP

Q – My wife has turned 71 this year and has to convert her $300,000 RRSP to a RRIF. I was going to use the Mawer Balanced Fund. What is your current opinion of this fund? Also, with the strong emphasis on bonds in a rising rate environment, would my wife be better to own pure equity funds (no bond portion) and put maybe 50% into GICs or cashable GICs. Look forward to your answer. – Robert B.

A – I like the Mawer fund and continue to recommend you discuss it with your advisor as a possible addition to a diversified portfolio. It has posted above-average results over all time frames. But your idea of an equity portfolio supported by laddered or cashable GICs would also work in a rising interest rate environment and would have less downside risk than bonds. – G.P.

Gordon Pape is one of Canada’s best-known personal finance commentators and investment experts. He is the publisher of The Internet Wealth Builder and The Income Investor newsletters, which are available through the Building Wealth website.

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